Investing in Infrastructure, Providing Quality Housing, and Improving Quality of Life

Deni has overseen several key projects during her tenure in office.  These projects focus on rebuilding our abandoned, vacant blighted buildings (and blocks) and revitalizating aging strip malls.  We are revitalizing our district one neighborhood at a time.  One of the key strategies she has employed was by establishing the Northern Gateway Area, an umbrella coalition of all the unincorporated areas of District 2, which complements our Gateway Arts District, a coalition of our incorporated areas in the district.   


Connecting Communities, Improving the Environment, and Protecting Seniors

Listed are some of my key legislation initiatives during my last three years in office.  In 2015, Council member Taveras supported sensible legislation to safeguard the environment, protect the elderly, and enhance the quality of life in Prince George's County.   In 2016, Council member Taveras presented a quality of life legislative package to focus on improving public safety, public health, and local neighborhood conditions.  The bills focus on strengthening enforcement, increasing outreach and education, and ensuring accountability.  In 2017, she continued to press on her quality life legislation, as well as focusing on affordable housing, housing standards, and tenant protection legislation.  Some key legislation pieces tackled issues such as human trafficking, drug dealing, bulk trash, illegal signs, and overcrowding. Councilmember Taveras was awarded Legislator of the Year in 2017 by the Prince George's County Municipal Association.